Ensure the property is built to the standard and quality promised. The inspection is a specialist survey for new-builds to check for faults, Workmanship and the overall specification. We have partnered with a professional software named SnagR which defect report will be submitted every inspection.

  • - Specialist survey for any defects by using SnagR (defect and inspection management software)
  • - Sending inspection report.
  • - Following up with project for the next inspection schedule.
Remark :
  • 1. Vat. inclusive
  • 2. The prices include all of equipment needed.
  • 3. The prices only apply for Bangkok area.
  • 4. Any surplus area than 120 sq.m. will be charged THB 500/time for each additional 50 sq.m. area.
  • 5. Duplex of Loft unit price will be calculated from total area of 1st and 2nd floor.
  • 6. Owner must inform 3 days in advance before changing the inspection date.
  • 7. The inspection report will be submitted within 1 day.


Provide additional services to take away administrative hassle of the investment, such as utility bill payment, coordinating with housekeeper, repair and maintenance making the purchase as hands on or as hands off as you would like it to be.

  • - Collecting unit keys and key deposit.
  • - Holding floating deposit.
  • - Monthly unit inspection for damages and sending photos.
  • - Paying utility bills with floating deposit.
  • - Housekeeper & technician arrangement.
  • - Holding floating deposit.
  • - Being tenant’s contact person.
  • - Coordinating with Juristic persons on behalf of owner.
  • - Quarterly unit inspection.
  • - Damage checking on tenant’s check out.
  • - Providing rental platform to check unit’s status.
  • - Housekeepers and technician arrangement.
Remark :
  • 1. Vat. inclusive
  • 2. This service only covers specific projects. Please contact us for the list of the projects.


Source the most attractive, durable and affordable interior package. Buy with confidence of all-inclusive interior package that come with a 2-year warranty. This ensures the speed of let and minimizes void periods.

  • - Providing all inclusive furniture and appliance package.
  • - Supervising on item delivery and installation.
  • - Unit measurement.
  • - Inspection before final delivery.


Provide one-stop rental management service to maximize rental returns and occupancy. In addition, assisting resale to facilitate landlords with step by step from marketing the unit through our distribution channels to transferring the unit. This ensures your property is disposed at the maximum value possible.

About Rental >
  • - Taking photos & Evaluating suitable rental.
  • - Advertising unit for rental through our networks.
  • - Arranging unit viewing.
  • - Negotiating with tenant & Screening tenant.
  • - Preparing tenancy agreement.
  • - Preparing inventory list.
About Resale >
  • - Evaluating suitable selling price.
  • - Advertising unit for selling through our networks.
  • - Arranging unit viewing.
  • - Negotiating with Buyer.
  • - Preparing sales and purchase agreement.
  • - Facilitating land department process.