Care Taker

   CARETAKER : Condo day to day management services.  

Let us take care your condo on your behalf and deal with the hassle of managing your investment throughout the rental life cycle. If you don’t have time to deal with the day-to-day operation of your condos because you are staying abroad or are busy with your full-time job. Our Caretaker service was established to solve and support these pain points:

  • - How to market your condo and find good tenants.
  • - Don’t have the time to open and show your unit during workdays.
  • - Can’t keep track of confusing laws and regulations related to rental.
  • - Don’t know where to find trustworthy contractors for repair and maintenance.

We will act like your personal secretary to coordinate with all the agents and contractors and take care of these problems on behalf of you before rental, during the rental until the tenant moves out with monthly room inspection report and act as the contact person with the tenant on behalf of you.

  • 1. Before rental
  • 2. During rental
  • 3. After rental

Area of service: 500 meters around BTS Mo Chit to BTS On Nut


   CARETAKER Service Fee :  


Before rental : CARETAKER
- Take photos & advertise the unit at a competitive price
- Recommend improvement to the unit to increase rental chances
- Open the unit for viewings and log key borrowings by other agents
- Submit monthly unit inspection report (leaks, dust, smell, etc.)
- Check mail-box & outstanding utility bill
- Coordinate with : repair technicians
                                  : housekeeping
                                  : condo management office (JP)
                                  : insurance
During rental :
- Manage booking & deposits
- Verify lease agreement and furniture list
- Record the eletricity & water meter number before tenant move-in
- Confirm unit readiness before move-in (Big-clean, A/C cleaning, test appliances)
- Coordinate internet & cable TV installation
- Tenant registration with condo management office (JP)
- TM30 online registration with Immigration dept (Notification of residence for foreigner)
- Act as a contract person with the tenant & co-agents (including weekends)
- Confirm monthly rental payments
After rental :
- Inspect the unit for damages & co-ordinate repair estimations by reliable contractor
- Arrange to repair the unit & inspect work quality after completion
- Record electricity, water meter number and calculate final utility bill
- Summarize cost and return the deposit to the tenant
- Ask condo management office (JP) to de-register tennant
- Uninstall internet & cable TV
- Arrange Big Clean