Serve Property Management

We were established to meet the needs of individual property investors who wanted to invest in real-estate properties but did not want the hassle of day to day management of these properties. Our services are designed to take away pain points during the entire life cycle of property investment starting at buying, pre-transfer inspections (snagging), transfer assistance, furnishing, rental promotion, viewing, tenant management, repair assistance, etc. Our aim is to become a property agent trusted by our clients.

We are the authorized partner of Noble Development and the Fulcrum Global.With our wide range of services, localized real estate industry knowledge, we can help manage your real-estate investments. We ensure all aspects of rental management, furnishing, assisting resale managed by our experienced team in order to maximize your investment returns and deliver the services aiming to assure that our clients will get what they expect. Our services are designed to meet the needs of both landlords and tenants.

Serve Property Management.

Our Team

Serve Property Management :

Nawee Sribhadung
Karn Assawaniwest
Suthinop Pannapayuk

Sale Team :

Ampaporn Ohnuch 094-789-1400
Orapin Masthong (PIK)
Pichapat Panuarojjanawat (PEAR)
Krittanu Naewsucharith (AUN)
Sirivimol Khotnam (MAMUNG)
Arkham Nosungnern (LAN)
Sudarat Kritsanasuwan (VAN)
Suratchada Boonklai (MINT)

customer relation team :

Tidarat Kienchaiyaphum (ANN) 087-696-8665
Kompetch Hianglor (NICK) 062-796-8999

Sale Support team :

Warissara Junto (DEAR)
Natchaya Khunsri (PAT)
Thanuntorn Kuhahemmarat (GRACE)

marketing communication & business development team :

Kannika Sribhadung (GAL)
Sukanya Utitphol
Gwispong Padungrattana (GRACE)

interior design team :

Sattha Ratanasrithong(MUSIC)
Atthakorn Ketpraphakorn (PING)

accounting / hr & housekeeping team :

Thitiporn Khobchaisang (AMP)
Wilaiwan Ngamkham (MOO)